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New guidance issued on rent evictions and maintenance

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Mon 30 Mar 2020

New guidance issued on rent evictions and maintenance

The government issued further guidance on the private rental sector over the weekend.

The new 21 page document - a link to which is at the bottom of this story - pulls together for the first time the ad hoc information on various regulations that have changed in the past week.

Measures outlined in this new guidance are in force until the end of September.

On the subjects of rent and notices seeking possession, it says until the end of September most landlords will not be able to start possession proceedings unless they have given their tenants three-months’ notice. 

“Landlords can choose to give more than this three months’ notice” it adds.

The guidance confirms the suspension of housing possession cases currently in the courts for 90 days.

"We strongly advise landlords not to commence new notices seeking possession during this challenging time without a very good reason to do so” it says.

And finally on maintenance it calls for everyone across the sector to adopt “a pragmatic, common-sense approach to issues that may arise in the current circumstances”.

However it adds that tenants “have a right to a decent, warm and safe place to live” and calls for strict adherence to social distancing.