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Compulsory water meters

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Mon 15 Oct 2018

Compulsory water meters

Water firms can already make meters compulsory in areas deemed to be “water-stretched”. These include parts of the south and east of England.

In other regions, homeowners can decline to have one.

You can also ask for a meter to be installed free. Your supplier has to agree to a request unless it is impractical to do so.

Anything else?
The MPs are calling for a better process of handling complaints against water companies, including automatically paying a fixed sum if customers’ problems are not resolved within 15 days.

Will I save money with a water meter?
As a rule of thumb, if there are more bedrooms in your home than people, or the same number, it may be worth fitting one.

Top tip
In England and Wales, companies provide water-saving devices — usually free — for customers to install. Visit your supplier’s website for more details.