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Buyers should retain funds if homes are dirty on completion lawyer says

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Mon 29 Apr 2019

Buyers should retain funds if homes are dirty on completion lawyer says

A lawyer appears to be suggesting that ‘clean and tidy’ clauses be inserted into house purchase deals, allowing buyers to retain a sum if the property is left in an untidy state by the vendor.

The Daily Mail cites Kerry Sharples, deputy head of residential property at Gorvins Solicitors in Manchester, saying : “Not only can other people’s items be unpleasant or inconvenient to deal with, their removal can cost buyers a lot of money since they have to contend with disposing of piles of rubbish before they can move in.”

The Mail says lawyers are using ‘clean and tidy’ clauses in contracts, suggesting that some purchasers have been confronted with fridges brimming with rotten food, an urn containing ashes, animal faeces and even a dog tied up in the back yard.

In another case a buyer arrived to find the pyjama-clad seller sitting on the sofa eating dinner and watching TV. The latter apparently believed they had ‘a week or so’ to move out after completion.

“Many people assume that simply moving out on completion, with your furniture and personal possessions, is adequate and see no problem with leaving rubbish in the shed. However it should mean that it’s empty of people and property at the time it will be vacated” Sharples tells the paper.

She also advises purchasers to revisit a property just before exchange of contracts takes place.

“If the seller refuses to remove items or pay for their removal after completion, buyers can go to the small claims court to try to recover costs under £10,000” the paper adds.